Managing a team is hard. It would help if you were their cheerleader, critic, and, often, their friend. But managing all these roles while also making sure your team follows suit can be impossible!

Given how important it is to have your team following your leads as close as possible, sometimes the most difficult part of management – we’ve collected a few of the best resources to ensure your employees are in line with what you ask them to do.

Give Respect, Get Respect

Give respect, get respect. It’s a simple concept that all companies should agree with. Still, you’re likely shocked at how many times I hear complaints about employees disrespecting their superiors and responding disrespectfully. Other reasons people complain about this can be that they’ve never been taught to give respect, or they have been taught to give respect and don’t follow through on it.

Lead by Example

Lead by example. Take the initiative: As your manager, you must take the initiative and ensure that your team follows suit. When you take the initiative, it shows your employees that you respect their opinions and expertise and their effort to make the company money. Consider keeping a board of people from the different departments in your company on which each person has an A, B, C, or D for all projects initiated by them. This way, people can see when another person is doing well and give them credit when appropriate.

Back Your People Up

Back your people up. It’s surprising how often I hear complaints from managers that they are constantly checking up on their employees’ work. I understand that it is important to do so, but this can be a disservice to the development of their team and their growth as professionals. The best way to keep your team engaged and motivated is by giving them appropriate praise for good work and constructive criticism for improvement.

As you can see, many of the challenges that managers face stem from a lack of proper training and education. Making sure your team is following your lead is crucial to the success of your business – so it’s a good idea to stay on top of things and educate yourself on how you can lead your employees as effectively as possible.